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Oxygen Generators for Military Use

NOVAIR Has a Long History of Working Hand-in-hand with the US Military and Its Allies

NOVAIR USA Corporation has been supporting the United States Military for decades, working hand-in-hand with those on the front lines that are protecting the American way of life. NOVAIR, through its past iterations, is an originator of compact, tailor-made battlefield PSA oxygen generator units fit for military deployment in a variety of situations. In fact, an early model Cylinder Filling Plant (CFP-15 M) developed by NOVAIR engineers was one of the first PSA oxygen cylinder fillers specialized particularly for military use. It touted 93% concentration of O2 in a uniquely hardened, mobile case that could be easily transported to battlefield hospitals, with subsequent models even made to be transported over the shoulder, for advance troops in battle situations who didn’t have the luxury of even a temporary hospital setup. NOVAIR is especially adept and building out specialized solutions for the military whereby having lightweight, fully reliable, and ultra-durable equipment is a must.

Original Cylinder Filling Plant 15 M specially designed for Military Use

Original Cylinder Filling Plant 15 M specially designed for Military Use

NOVAIR is proud to have numerous relationships throughout military circles, being a key partner for several branches of the US Armed Forces, including the Army, Air Force, Marines, Space Force, Navy, as well as agencies like NASA and many sub-contractors. NOVAIR in-house oxygen generators can be found throughout the world in military bases where US troops need life-saving oxygen in field hospitals, O2 for high-altitude pilots, and many other unique situations. NOVAIR is also a member of, and contributor to, the Oxygen Standardization Coordinating Group (OSCG), a main coordinating body that focuses on “all things oxygen” for military use. The Group is comprised of members hailing from many differing functions across all branches of armed forces, in addition to leaders in the liquid and PSA oxygen industry.

NOVAIR military solutions are coveted in the industry because NOVAIR engineers can meet directly and work closely with military personnel to develop:

  • Highly tailored, compact oxygen generator designs for military usage.
  • Durable, extra-protected for use in emergency medical or changing industrial situations.
  • Solutions for high and low altitudes, extreme weather, difficult terrain and harsh conditions.
  • Solutions made with the utmost care to support those who constantly serve and protect us.

NOVAIR always looks forward to working closely with all military personnel, finding the perfect solutions to those coming to us with difficult requests, as well as those just looking for the top oxygen generators on the market. Our experienced engineering team, including staff that is former military, are ready to serve those that serve and protect us. We encourage all military personnel needing in-house oxygen solutions to learn more about NOVAIR and to speak with a representative by contacting-us today.


Worldwide leading manufacturer of in-house gas production systems, NOVAIR is the founder of the Green Oxygen concept and the vision that decentralized in-house medical oxygen production with the only low-carbon way to supply oxygen to hospitals. With over 45 years of experience manufacturing high-quality medical and industrial gas generating equipment, and with high-tech R&D centers in France, USA and Italy, NOVAIR definitively leads the world in innovative in-house gas production by adsorption systems.

Headquartered in France, NOVAIR operates in over 150 countries and has installed thousands of gas generators around the planet, supplying daily life-saving medical oxygen to hundreds of thousands of patients the world over. NOVAIR also provides industrial oxygen and nitrogen that enhances the effectiveness of scores of industries through a broad range of applications and market segments.

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