Patented Modular PSA Nitrogen Generators


Modular means it can expand along with your production capacity!

NOVAIR’s patented and powerful modular nitrogen generator, the NITROSWING®, is known for the highest quality in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and reliability. Every NITROSWING® modular PSA nitrogen generator can be easily upgraded at any time by simply adding modules to the unit with little to no assistance needed.

Onsite production brings substantial savings for those seeking autonomy and supply continuity, but with an eco-friendly and economical solution that is thoroughly tested for quality output at all times.

Features include unlimited flexibility with production capacity easily adjusted directly on site by simple module additions that anyone with some simple training can perform. It also has a compact dimension for installations in tight spaces or low ceiling areas of your production facility. All NITROSWING® standard models are made from non-corrosive materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, and also feature the same components with limited spare parts management along with easy maintenance.

Product Specs


Nitrogen Concentration:

From 97% to 99.999%

Residual Oxygen Limit:

From 3% to 10 ppm

Nitrogen Flow Rate:

From 0.62 to 165 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) / From 1 to 265 Nm3/h (Normal Cubic Meters per Hour)

Inlet Pressure:

From 102 to 189 psi / From 7 to 13 bar

Unit Size:

Varies depending on modular expansion size

Unit Weight:

Varies depending on modular expansion size

Patented Modular Technology
NITROSWING® units can be upgraded with more modules by just about anybody. No expertise required.
Quality that Glistens
Sleek non-corrosive materials are used such as aluminum and stainless steel that are thoroughly tested for quality.
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