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Novair and American Oxygen Announce a Strategic Partnership

NOVAIR and American Oxygen announce a strategic partnership to develop and market ionic oxygen generators, set to revolutionize the oxygen market

New joint venture created to further the development and commercialization of ionic oxygen generators, a technology initially developed in cooperation with NASA.

Roissy-en-France, Salt Lake City – June 6, 2024NOVAIR, the world’s leading manufacturer of on-site oxygen and nitrogen generators, and American Oxygen, a start-up developing ceramic technologies for gas separation by ionization, today signed a strategic partnership agreement aimed at commercializing a major innovation by the end of 2024: the ionic oxygen generator.

As part of this strategic partnership, NOVAIR will acquire an equity stake in American Oxygen, and the partners will set up a joint venture dedicated to the manufacture of ionic oxygen generators.

This reliable, ultra-compact, plug-and-play generator is the greatest technological innovation in air gases since the invention of cryogenic distillation over 100 years ago.


Technology developed through years of collaboration with NASA

This technology was originally developed by American Oxygen in cooperation with NASA for use by astronauts during space exploration.

The ionic oxygen generator produces ultra-pure oxygen (from 99.99% to 99.9999%) from ambient air, using a proprietary technology developed to selectively isolate oxygen atoms. The oxygen produced is generated spontaneously under pressure, without a compressor – an unprecedented technological feat.

Ionic oxygen generation is set to disrupt the air gases market by enabling a self-sufficient, affordable, energy efficient, ultra-reliable oxygen supply. It eliminates dependence on liquid or bottled gas deliveries. The ionic oxygen generator is a game changing solution for the most demanding users of oxygen across industrial, laboratory, healthcare, and aviation sectors.

“At a time when access to high-purity oxygen has proved crucial for many activities in healthcare, research and industry, we are delighted to be partnering with American Oxygen. It will enable us to reach a new milestone, giving as many people as possible access to a revolutionary innovation that enables the on-site production of ultra-pure oxygen using a reliable, easy-to-use device,” explains Bernard Zenou, Chairman of Novair.

“This technology is the product of many years of R&D and collaboration with NASA, and was initially developed to produce oxygen on the International Space Station. It was the Covid-19 pandemic that accelerated the design of a first demonstrator to produce medical oxygen, this time on Earth. Today, the technology is mature and ready for industrialization. Together with NOVAIR, the world’s leading supplier of oxygen generators, we are very proud to bring to market this new oxygen production technology, which will provide access to high-purity oxygen for all industries and hospitals, everywhere in the world,” continues Dale Taylor, President of American Oxygen.


The global oxygen market is estimated at nearly $70 billion[1]

The global oxygen market is growing steadily, and is expected to register an annual growth rate of over 9% to reach more than $125 billion by 2028. Demand for medical oxygen rose sharply during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it was essential for treating severe cases of the disease. Oxygen is also used in a wide range of industries for its combustion, oxidation and fermentation properties. Growing demand for pure oxygen in laboratories, fiber optics and semiconductor manufacturing is contributing to market growth.

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Founded in 1977 by Bernard Zenou, Groupe NOVAIR is an independent, family-owned group, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of on-site medical and industrial gas production solutions (oxygen, nitrogen) for the healthcare and industrial sectors. The world’s leading manufacturer, with a presence in 150 countries, the group posted sales of €61 million in 2023, 80% of which were generated internationally. The company employs 200 people worldwide. The Nov Santé fund from Eurazeo investment firm has acquired a minority stake in the NOVAIR group.

About American Oxygen

Founded in 2018 in Salt Lake City by a team of engineers and researchers with decades of experience in ceramics, American Oxygen is an American startup dedicated to developing ceramic technologies for ionization gas separation. American Oxygen has been a NASA contractor since its inception.