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Contact Us to Request Service


Thank you for inquiring about NOVAIR Superior Service. To submit a service request, please read carefully:

If you already own a NOVAIR or Oxygen Generating Systems International (OGSI) unit and are seeking to repair it, if you would like a part replacement, or for all other service related inquiries, please WRITE AN EMAIL to:

IMPORTANT – In your email, please remember to include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Company Name
  • The Model of the unit you are inquiring about, (for instance NOVAIR MOGScfp-20, OGSI OG-100, NOVAIR COMPACT-20B, etc.)
  • The Serial Number of the unit. (Both Model Numbers and Serial Numbers can be found on the tags that are located most often on the back, side, or inside the door of a unit, and look similar to the examples below).
NOVAIR COMPACT-60B Oxygen Generator Tag and Serial Number
  • Any Other Useful Information you feel it is important for our service team to know.

Once submitted, our superior service team will promptly contact you and begin to assist.

Alternatively, you may call our Service Department Information Line at any time during regular business hours Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm US Eastern Time to reach a live representative at 716-564-5165.

We thank you for choosing NOVAIR.