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Nitrogen Generators

Our patented NITROSWING® generator with modular technology helps thousands of companies worldwide in various industries produce economical onsite nitrogen.

NOVAIR USA NITROSWING Line of Modular Nitrogen Generators

Modular Nitrogen Generators (NITROSWING)

Flexible, compact, economical modular N2 generator

Onsite Nitrogen wherever and however you need it.

With NOVAIR’s tailor-made solutions for each customer, our modular generator technology, and the best support in the business, you are sure to find the very best solution for wherever, however you need nitrogen most. Our team will simplify everything for you by first truly understanding your particular needs, which we understand may be quite unique, and then walking you through the process so that you get the right machine in place the right way, at the right time, making you a star.

Just let us know whether you are looking for our signature standard NITROSWING® modular nitrogen generators, our NITROSWING® Laserpack designed especially for laser cutting applications, our NITROSWING® Foodpack for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), or any other of our broad range of other nitrogen generators.

NOVAIR map of thousands of installations worldwide

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