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NOVAIR On-site Oxygen Solutions for Biogas

NOVAIR can desulfurize biogas plants with on-site oxygen treatment. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a colorless gas that is poisonous, corrosive, and highly toxic to humans, easily making one nauseous. It is both dangerous and destructive to the environment, building materials and many other substances. With increased production of biogas as a renewable energy comes the increase of residues from biogas plants that contain sulfur, posing serious problems all around. Our simple solution to remove hydrogen sulfide brings a tremendous contribution to safe, green, and optimal biogas plant operation. NOVAIR USA-made oxygen generators range from our COMPACT Plug-and-Play oxygen generators to our larger Oxygen Generating Systems that can be custom built from a variety of standard Oxygen Generator sizes, making it easy for you to ensure your needs are completely met. 

NOVAIR offers on-site oxygen production solutions that effectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from the biogas production process. The use of pure oxygen to remove hydrogen sulfide is a simple, economical process that NOVAIR provides to the biogas sector through its NOVAIR high-purity oxygen generators, which allow for oxygen generation and supply right on site. Biogas plant efficiency is maximized by avoiding metal sulfide formation that is caused by a lack of pure oxygen.

NOVAIR also offers a range of French-made generators, including the NOVAIR:

  • MODULO2, a compact mobile oxygen generator for small facilities needing continuous oxygen supply onsite
  • OXYPURE & OXYPURE DS-PSA oxygen generators which both produce up to 99.5% oxygen purity thanks to their DS-PSA technology

These stand-alone solutions are easy to implement and provide a continuous supply of oxygen for biogas production sites which require desulfurization.

Compression and Treatment for Biogas

Through NOVAIR Industries, NOVAIR offers standard and turnkey solutions for companies seeking tailor-made systems for treatment and compression of biogas.

Example Installation for Biogas Treatment:

Click for example installations and more information about Novair Industries’ solutions in using pure oxygen for biogas treatment, and contact us today to learn how you can desulfurize and optimize your biogas plant.

How it works

NOVAIR’s generators use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology which extracts oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrating it to 93% (+/-3%) purity.

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