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Aquaculture and Fish Farming

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NOVAIR Leads the Way in Onsite Oxygen Technology for Aquaculture

The NOVAIR oxygen generating system is an efficient and cost-effective means by which to increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level in an Aquaculture system. The system was developed by NOVAIR. It enables fish farms to dissolve oxygen in any size tank. Farms are able to increase stocking densities. The fish are also healthier and have better taste when raised in an oxygen rich environment.

Obtain higher levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) for your fish farm with a NOVAIR oxygen system and your average weights and survival rates will be enhanced.

How it Works

A side stream of water from the raceway, pond or tank is pumped at elevated pressure through a venturi nozzle, where oxygen is injected. The water becomes saturated with oxygen and is then distributed through high velocity mixing nozzles along the bottom surface of the raceway, pond or tank. Oxygen flow rates can either be manually regulated or automatically controlled using a dissolved oxygen (DO) analyzer and probe. By ‘closing the loop’ with a signal that is fed back from the DO meter, the oxygen system can be turned on and off automatically, as needed. DO is gaseous oxygen that is dissolved into water that fish directly absorb through their gills and skin for respiration. The DO concentration is measured in parts per million (ppm) and a saturation of 70% or concentration of 5 or 6 ppm is essential for stable growth in fish.

NOVAIR has a great deal of experience supplying oxygen to aquaculture facilities that raise a variety of fish species, among them trout, striped bass, tilapia and shrimp. The application engineers at NOVAIR can assess your facility’s operating needs and design an oxygen system to meet your specific needs. If oxygen is needed in cylinders for use in transportation or remote handling, cylinder filling plants are available. These are systems that will immediately eliminate the high cost of delivered oxygen. No more spending valuable time changing and returning heavy oxygen cylinders. Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plants (CFP’s) can automatically refill your oxygen cylinders for 24/7 availability and relieve you of your dependence on delivered oxygen. NOVAIR offers complete CFP’s, with capacities up to 500 cylinders per day. You can reduce your live haul expenses with these systems by filling your own cylinders.

How it works

NOVAIR’s generators use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology which extracts oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrating it to 93% (+/-3%) purity.

Benefits of Installing a NOVAIR System:

  • Increase stock density by maintaining a higher level of Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Produce larger quantities of high quality fish
  • Increase reproduction rates
  • Ensure the flavor of fish by providing a clean environment
  • Prevent ice from forming during winter months
  • Increase the oxygen content over a typical air-fed aerating system
  • Ensure uniform DO levels throughout tanks and ponds
  • Displace excess nitrogen
  • Provide feed gas to an existing ozone generator for disinfection

Typical System Configuration Shown Below:

aquaculture system

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