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NOVAIR has been supplying Vacuum Systems to hospitals, clinics, and industries around the world for over 40 years.

Vacuum system

NOVAIR vacuum pumps are specifically suitable to a broad range of healthcare and industrial applications which demand stringent high vacuum conditions.

High Quality. Superior Results.

NOVAIR has a broad range of vacuum solutions for healthcare as well as many other industries, including oil-lubricated and oil-less Rotary Vane and Claw Vacuum Systems with C-face direct-drive electric motor. Each pump is equipped with a butterfly-type check valve, flexible hose (for industrial applications), and an isolation valve to allow maintenance without interrupting system operation. Air receiver A.S.M.E. code stamped vacuum gauges and manual drain valves are available.

Healthcare systems can include a 3-valve bypass tank as requested per NFPA 99 standards, a NEMA 4 electrical control panel mounted and wired with local audible and visual alarm, as well as dry contacts for remote alarm. Systems are 100% tested prior to leaving the factory.

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Advantages and Features


Technology & Design

Featuring high efficiency lubricated or oil-less rotary vane pumps for healthcare or industry, in various available configurations to suit the needs of all healthcare facilities or specific industrial applications:

      • Compact horizontal – ontegrated on horizontal receiver
      • Compact vertical – integrated on a vertical steel frame
      • Modular – separated modules to fit specific requirements
      • In skids or shelters – according to customers’ specifications

MADE IN USA, With Care

NOVAIR Vacuum Systems are designed for the central supply of vacuum in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, including ICUs, emergency departments as well as operating theaters. 

It might go with out saying, but we will say it anyway:  NOVAIR Vacuum Systems are all designed to the highest quality standards.

Designed for Every Application

Vacuum Pumps Available For Healthcare and Industry

Lubricated and Healthcare Oil-less systems available:
  • Rotary Vane
  • Healthcare Dry Rotary Vane
  • Claw
  • Claw O2

Available in: Duplex Horizontal, Duplex Vertical, Duplex Stack, Triplex Stack, Quadruplex Stack, and even Multiplex configurations.

systems are ul and nfpA compliant

             UL logo - Underwriters Laboratories Listed companyNFPA Logo - National Fire Protection Association

Quality US-made components

NOVAIR medical vacuum systems are composed of
Single, duplex, triplex, quadruplex, and multiplex vacuum pumps made to fit customer-based configurations and requirements, as well as local standards, including a PED certified tank with equipment, a CPU control box. interconnections, and antibacterial filtration.
Key features
Fully automatic operation, CPU controller, non-lubricated version for healthcare or other applications available upon request.
Waste Anesthesia Gas Disposal (WAGD)
NOVAIR Medical Vacuum pumps come with optional Waste Anesthesia Gas Disposal (WAGD) systems, also known as Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems (AGSS), which eliminate all residual anesthetic gases within the operating theater or the recovery room, protecting medical staff from potentially hazardous exposure to those gases.With capacities up to 2x250 m3/h, NOVAIR vacuum pumps with WAGD solutions cover the needs of all types of healthcare facilities, in accordance with all current regulatory standards.
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We also design tailored systems to meet specific needs to our customers. 

Our technical department is at your disposal to help you define the configuration and model of the specific vacuum station that is most suitable for your healthcare facility or industrial application.


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