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NOVAIR - Simplifying Oxygen, Nitrogen, Air & Vac

Introducing NOVAIR Groupe: NOVAIR stands as a global frontrunner in the production of oxygen and nitrogen generators. Our reach extends worldwide, backed by an extensive distribution network, collaborations, and a multitude of installations for both industrial and medical gas generators. With an impressive track record spanning over 45 years, NOVAIR’s prowess and know-how are acclaimed internationally. Our commitment is to custom-design and produce intricate systems, tailored to meet the unique technical, economic, and ecological needs of every client.

Currently, the group boasts multiple international branches, including:

  • NOVAIR NOXERIOR GAS SYSTEMS: Situated in Italy, this branch specializes in in-house nitrogen and oxygen generation (leveraging modular PSA and membrane methodologies). It is highly esteemed for its proficiency in handling intricate engineering projects.

  • NOVAIR Gaz Industriels France: Positioned near Paris, this subsidiary is responsible for crafting a comprehensive suite of solutions for in-house production of air, oxygen, and nitrogen.

  • NOVAIR USA: Located in the Buffalo region of New York, this American branch manufactures oxygen and nitrogen generators, along with medical air and vacuum equipment.

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