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Air gas separation

NOVAIR USA Technologies

Technologies tailored to every need

With over 40 years of experience, NOVAIR has developed a deep knowledge of all on-site air separation technologies for the production of nitrogen or oxygen, and offers the widest choice of generators on the market. Depending on the flowrate and the purity required, NOVAIR offers the most suitable technology:

technologies novair
Technologies novair

PSA technology

NOVAIR nitrogen / oxygen generators are based on a PSA process (Pressure Swing Adsorption). This consists of equipment that are able to separate gases thanks to a molecular sieve capable of adsorbing nitrogen / oxygen under pressure, ejecting one gas back into the ambient air, while leaving the other gas to be utilized.

A NOVAIR PSA nitrogen or oxygen generator is composed of two separation columns (adsorbers) filled with molecular sieve material called zeolite or CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieves). When the compressed air pressurizes a column, nitrogen (or oxygen) is gradually being retained by the molecular sieve while oxygen (or nitrogen) is going directly to the output of the generator.

A picture of the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process leaving Oxygen

DS-PSA oxygen technology

The result of years of R&D effort and investment, DS-PSA technology is taking PSA to the next level. This exclusive know-how from NOVAIR is based on a double stage PSA process. With 2 molecular separation stages, DS-PSA removes nitrogen, argon, and any trace of pollutants remaining after the first stage, making it possible to reach up to 99.5% oxygen concentration (purity), with an exceptional stability.

Modular PSA technology

PSA modular nitrogen generators feature multiple modules of molecular sieve, each implementing an optimized patented PSA process, so that production capacity can be easily adjusted directly onsite without any skilled personnel by simply adding or removing modules.

Membrane technology

NOVAIR generators separate different components of the air by means of hollow fibers over lengths adapted to each need.

Vacuum V-PSA technology

NOVAIR V-PSA generators extract the available oxygen in the ambient air from the other gases by applying the Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (V-PSA) technology

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