NOVAIR Launches New Website at to Meet Growing North American Presence

WWW.NOVAIR-USA.COM Highlights the NOVAIR Brand's Expansion in the USA and Canada

May 18, 2023, North Tonawanda, NY — NOVAIR USA, the North American operating hub of Groupe NOVAIR, the global leader in gases, has formally launched a new website that highlights the company’s growing presence in North America. The new website,, includes updated functionality whereby potential and current NOVAIR customers can access a wealth of information, including all of the company’s new product offerings in the US and Canadian markets. NOVAIR USA has been able to roll out many new products since Groupe NOVAIR purchased the company in 2022, including a whole new line of PSA Nitrogen Generators for industries like Food Packaging, Laser Cutting, and 3D Printing, to name a few. 

NOVAIR USA’s Chief Executive Officer, John Longuil, commented, “NOVAIR continues to grow its brand in the United States and Canada by offering our customers the most cost-effective, reliable, and ecofriendly US-made solutions on the planet for 24×7 availability of in-house oxygen, nitrogen, and air & vacuum equipment. By making the switch to in-house production, now those in healthcare, winemaking, veterinary hospitals, and so many more industries can enjoy air and gas that costs much less than that from gas delivery companies.”

The introduction of the new website marks the end of a re-branding period and full transition from manufacture of products under the former Oxygen Generating Systems International (OGSI) name at the same North Tonawanda, New York factory site, over to products branded under the NOVAIR name. However, the OGSI brand remains under the Groupe NOVAIR umbrella, with OGSI equipment at the Western New York site being produced for the international export market.

NOVAIR USA’s Marketing Director, Alan Kahn, said of the website, “NOVAIR is proud to now offer a modern web presence packed with all the latest technology so that customers can easily access a range of useful info for decision-making such as cost-savings calculators, 3D product videos, integrations with social media posts, as well as emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) analysis.” He went on to say that NOVAIR will be continually updating its site to provide more product data and relevant information for the increasing number of industries seeking in-house gas generation.

NOVAIR leadership also hinted that the launch of the new website is likely but one of several announcements it will be making this year, as the North American hub is now fully operational as a NOVAIR manufacturing hub and R&D center. Groupe NOVAIR and NOVAIR USA Corporation both emphasized their commitment to bringing the latest technologies and solutions to North America, and beyond, supporting medical workers in saving more lives while helping more industries to cost-effectively boost production.


About Groupe NOVAIR

Worldwide leading manufacturer of in-house gas production systems, Groupe NOVAIR is the founder of the Green Oxygen concept and the vision that decentralized in-house medical oxygen production with the only low-carbon way to supply oxygen to hospitals. With over 45 years of experience manufacturing high-quality medical and industrial gas generating equipment, and with high-tech R&D centers in France, USA and Italy, NOVAIR definitively leads the world in innovative in-house gas production by adsorption systems.

Headquartered in France, NOVAIR operates in over 150 countries and has installed thousands of gas generators around the planet, supplying daily life-saving medical oxygen to hundreds of thousands of patients the world over. NOVAIR also provides industrial oxygen and nitrogen that enhances the effectiveness of scores of industries through a broad range of applications and market segments.

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