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Cost saving calculator

Cost savings calculator by Novair

Thousands of businesses have saved by using onsite oxygen and nitrogen generators instead of having these gases delivered.

With NOVAIR’s PSA generators, all you need is air + electricity to produce high-quality oxygen and nitrogen right where and when you need it. Find out how much you could save!

Calculate Your Savings for Onsite Oxygen Over Delivery:

Enter your info to see how much you can potentially save with onsite gas instead of delivery?

This is just a simple estimate based on average running costs in the United States. Want to see if you could potentially even save more? Please call our US-based sales representatives during normal business hours US Easter time, or by contacting us here and submitting a message.

Cylinder chart showing different cylinder sizes.

Please use this chart to calculate your usage if you receive cylinder delivery. (By VICTORIA MARQUARD-SCHULTZ at Applied Home Healthcare Equipment).

Calculate Your Savings for Onsite Nitrogen Over Delivery:

Nitrogen usage is difficult to calculate. We suggest you ‘contact us’ and give us the details of your nitrogen usage, and we will walk you through your potential monthly savings and why NOVAIR’s nitrogen solutions will save you money while helping to save the planet.

We’d love to hear from you.