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Modular PSA Nitrogen Generator - NOVAIR's Versatile N2 Generator

Nitrogen Generators in Trailers & Container 3D

The high-quality crafted NITROSWING nitrogen generator is versatile, flexible, reliable, and compact, making it the perfect onsite N2 option!

Flexible and Expandable

The NITROSWING is compact enough to fit in a variety of locations within any industrial setting with need for onsite nitrogen at any given time, but powerful enough, and with the unique modular and ‘daisy-chain’ capability to add more nitrogen flow capacity. 

Substantial Savings

Onsite nitrogen productions whenever you need it guarantees substantial savings to users–bringing perfect autonomy and supply continuity.

Quality Design That’s Planet-Friendly

NOVAIR’s NITROSWING modular nitrogen generator is an eco-friendly solution that has been designed up to the most demanding engineering standards. For all things onsite Nitrogen, simply contact us to discuss options and equipment.


Quality US- and European-made standard modular nitrogen generators for wide-ranging use


The NITROSWING that's specially designed for nitrogen use in Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)


The perfect laser-cutting nitrogen producing generator with the highest quality standards.

Other Nitrogen Generators

NOVAIR has a full range of nitrogen generators that can be tailored to your needs.

Advantages and Features


Unlimited Flexibility

  • Production capacity can be easily adjusted directly on site by simple module additions without any skilled personnel. 
  • Add additional sieve bed units (modules) to increase nitrogen flow
  • Can be somewhat customized to fit your area and need


  • NITROSWING comes with very compact dimensions for installations even in small spaces or areas with low ceilings within your production facility
  • The additional modules also have a smaller footprint, meaning no need to purchase multiple machines, just multiple modules.

Quality Design

  • French and US quality engineering based on a foundation of years of research and development, improving performance along the way, making for the highest market standards
  • All process componants utilize non-corrosive materials such as aluminum and stainless steel


Key Features

  • Nitrogen purity from 97% to 99.999%, with residual O2 from 3% to 10ppm
  • A flow from 1 to 9,905  SCFH (265 Nm3/h)
  • Inlet pressure: from 7 to 13 bar

Typical Customers

  • Those purchasing NITROSWING nitrogen generators include those in the Metal Industry, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Whine and Vinification, Laboratories, and Electronics, to name a few.

Unfamiliar with PSA NITROGEN Systems?

  • Our Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators are state-of-the-art in the industry in terms of design and quality. They are the technology of choice for a variety of industry applications. Call, fax or contact us our website to request a personalized quotation. NOVAIR can provide the proper size generator for you.
NITROSWING - The economical solution for onsite nitrogen
PSA onsite nitrogen generators like the industry leading NITROSWING mean you no longer have headaches worrying about delivery, safety, or even the negative impact on the environment. NITROSWING simplifies Nitrogen, making for a worry free solution that can improve your business's bottom line.
NOVAIR's NITROSWING can be a part of a total tailored solution has 4 COMPACT Plug-and-Play oxygen generators
The NITROSWING modular nitrogen generator is powerful enough to stand alone, be upgraded with more modules, or can even be a part of a larger Nitrogen producing plant for your industrial application. Talk with us today about your needs.
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