Mobile Oxygen Generating System with Cylinder Filling Plant-20

NOVAIR USA Mobile Oxygen Generating System with Cylinder Filling Plant MOGScfp

Everything oxygen all in one compact, powerful, and mobile cylinder filling machine!

NOVAIR’s Mobile Oxygen Generating System with Cylinder Filling Plant-20 (MOGSCFP-20) is a compact, sophisticated, and durable self-contained continuous oxygen generator and cylinder filling plant. The MOGSCFP-20 has been uniquely designed to produce oxygen on-site, on-demand, so that you can access 93% +/-3% pure oxygen, 24×7. It can be used for a range of situations including for first responders needing to fill D-sized cylinders in firehalls, for EMS teams that fill ambulances, those preparing for natural disasters, and more. 

Oxygen generated from the MOGSCFP-20 can fill 2 H-sized or 33 D-sized high-pressure cylinders up to 2200 psi in a day. This system uses oil-free air compressors and modular oxygen generators for redundancy and reliability.  With the MOGSCFP-20, which comes standard on sturdy rubber wheels, you can now easily generate your own oxygen just about anywhere there is an electrical outlet, eliminating the safety issues involved in transporting cylinders, while greatly reducing costs. Some options and modifications are available, depending on your needs. 

The MOGSCFP-20 pays for itself in a short while and saves money, because all you need is air + electricity + the MOGSCFP-20 to produce medical grade the MOGSCFP-20 to produce oxygen onsite, making it one less thing to worry about in any emergency. 

Disclaimer: MOGSCFP-20 is not FDA cleared for direct connection to a facility oxygen delivery system. MOGSCFP-20 is designed for cylinder filling purposes only and patient safety related to the oxygen produced is the full responsibility of the entity producing and using the oxygen for medical purposes. Operators of a MOGSCFP-20 are wholly accountable for registration as a pharmaceutical manufacturer and performing necessary quality and safety testing related to those guidelines. NOVAIR may assist customers in set-up and operation of our equipment, but such assistance does not constitute a guarantee of safety and performance related to medical use of the oxygen generated. For guidance, please visit the FDA website here.

Basic Product Info


Oxygen Concentration:

93% (±3%)

Carbon Dioxide Limit:

≤ 300 ppm

Carbon Monoxide Limit:

≤ 10 ppm

Oxygen Dewpoint:

-60 °F (-51 °C)

Oxygen Flow Rate:

20 Standard Cubic Feet per Hour (SCFH) / 9.5 Liters Per Minute (LPM)

Oxygen Pressure:

Cylinder Filling up to 2200 psi (151 bar)

Power Supply:

1 Phase, 230 VAC 20 A, 50/60 Hz

Noise Level:

65 dBA at 1m

Unit Size:

32in D x 60in H x 36in L (82cm D x 153cm H x 92cm L)

Unit Weight:

600 lbs. (273 kg)

Get the MOGScfp-20
Ask us about whether the MOGScfp-20 is right for you. Get pricing, options, and more.
Get the MOGScfp-20
Ask us about whether the MOGScfp-20 is right for you. Get pricing, options, and more.
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