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In-house nitrogen generators for use in mining applications

Mine Fire Suppression

salt mine shaft


(3-1 vol.%

O2 residual)

Mine Fires

By reducing the oxygen concentration by means of nitrogen there is inhibition of primary and secondary combustion, gas explosions are prevented, and fire zones can be sealed.

Reducing mine fires is a critical safety concern in mining operations, where fires can quickly become deadly and cause significant property damage. Nitrogen plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of mine fires by reducing the oxygen concentration, inhibiting primary and secondary combustion, and preventing gas explosions. The use of nitrogen in mining operations can be facilitated by in-house modular nitrogen generators, such as those provided by NOVAIR.

Here are some specific ways that nitrogen and NOVAIR’s in-house modular nitrogen generators can help reduce the risk of mine fires:

  • Providing a reliable source of nitrogen for inerting underground mine workings and preventing the accumulation of combustible gases.
  • Enhancing fire suppression systems by providing nitrogen for the fire suppression system, which can effectively prevent the spread of fires.
  • Providing an efficient and cost-effective method for sealing mine fire zones by injecting nitrogen into mine workings to displace oxygen.

By using in-house modular nitrogen generators, mining companies can have a reliable and cost-effective source of nitrogen to help reduce the risk of mine fires and ensure the safety of their workers.


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