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Empire State Development Announces NOVAIR USA to Expand Manufacturing Operations in Niagara County


Company to Invest More Than $1M at North Tonawanda Plant for Oxygen and Nitrogen Generator Manufacturing

(Tuesday, November 29, 2022 — North Tonawanda, NY) Empire State Development (ESD) today announced that NOVAIR USA, a leading manufacturer of in-house gas production systems, plans to add 12 jobs and invest more than $1 million in its North Tonawanda plant. The investment will be used to expand operations and develop new products.

“Advanced manufacturers like NOVAIR USA fuel economic growth by exploring new technologies, delivering next-generation products, and creating new, higher-paying jobs,” said Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Hope Knight. “While NOVAIR has a global reach, this successful company decided to expand in Niagara County, highlighting the extensive innovation and manufacturing talent found in Western New York.”

NOVAIR, a family-owned business headquartered in France, acquired Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI), located at 814 Wurlitzer Drive in North Tonawanda, in January 2022. OGSI manufactures a wide range of highly durable oxygen generators, specifically designed for demanding applications such as disaster preparedness, healthcare and semiconductors manufacturing. OGSI solutions are distributed all over the USA, as well as internationally.

As part of NOVAIR Group, OGSI is gaining access to a wide range of high-end solutions that greatly complement its existing ranges, including industrial and medical pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen and nitrogen generators, high pressure oxygen cylinder filling systems, and medical air/vacuum systems.

NOVAIR USA President Timothy Blach said, “This is not what most people think of when they hear the words ‘job creation,’ this is about facilitating growth not only for the company but for the new hires as well by adding good paying career-oriented positions.”

The expansion project will allow NOVAIR to expand its U.S. operations by moving some Miami-based production from a recently acquired company, America Energy, to NOVAIR’s North Tonawanda plant. . America Energy fabricates air compressors and various pump systems.

Additionally, NOVAIR owns an entity in Italy (Noxerior) that manufactures two types of nitrogen generators. NOVAIR would like to bring that nitrogen equipment technology to North Tonawanda for domestic manufacturing and distribution.

Between the potential relocation of product lines from Florida and the addition of new technology from Italy, the project will create 12 new jobs over the next five years, with an average starting salary of $62,000 per year. ESD will provide up to $170,000 in Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits in return for job commitments

Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt said, “Today’s announced expansion by NOVAIR USA is welcome news for our local economy. Continued job creation and investment at their North Tonawanda plant demonstrates NOVAIR’s commitment to our region and proves once again that Niagara County will continue to be a state leader in manufacturing innovation.”

Assemblyman Bill Conrad said, “When we innovate here at home, and invest in our stateside manufacturers and the technology that sustains them, we contribute to an economy that generates jobs, feeds industry, and supports the growth of our region’s tax base, skilled workforce, collective brainpower, and pro-business reputation. I thank NOVAIR USA for focusing its expansion in North Tonawanda, and I commend Empire State Development for recognizing a win-win opportunity to incentivize the local development of this global company.”


NOVAIR is the worldwide leading manufacturer of in-house oxygen and nitrogen gas production systems for healthcare and industrial applications. With 45 years of global market presence as well as manufacturing and R&D centers in France, Italy and North Tonawanda, NY at NOVAIR USA Corp., NOVAIR leads innovation in gas production through pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Headquartered in France, with its North American headquarters in Western New York, NOVAIR operates in over 150 countries and has installed thousands of gas generators around the planet, supplying daily life-saving medical oxygen to hundreds of thousands of patients the world over. NOVAIR also provides industrial oxygen and nitrogen that enhances the effectiveness of scores of industries through a broad range of applications and market segments. For additional information about NOVAIR USA, visit: www.novair-usa.com

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