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How does an oxygen generator improve bicycle manufacturing?

Bicycle Manufacturing

bicycle tiresOxygen
(90 -95 vol. % O2)

Bicycle Manufacturing

Bicycle frame building is made by assembling pipes through a welding and/or brazing process. The most efficient and cost-effective method is that of propane/oxygen brazing.

Oxygen generators have revolutionized the way bicycle manufacturers build frames. By generating oxygen in-house, bicycle manufacturers can reduce their reliance on traditional oxygen supply methods, such as bottled or compressed oxygen. NOVAIR in-house oxygen generators offer several benefits to bicycle manufacturers, including cost savings, improved safety, and increased productivity.

Here are some of the ways in-house oxygen generators can be used in bicycle manufacturing:

  • Propane/Oxygen Brazing: Oxygen is needed to support the combustion process in propane/oxygen brazing. By generating oxygen in-house, bicycle manufacturers can ensure a steady supply of oxygen for brazing operations.
  • Annealing: Annealing is a process of heating and cooling metal to alter its properties. Oxygen can be used to support the annealing process by providing a source of heat.
  • Cutting and Welding: Oxygen is also used in cutting and welding operations. By generating oxygen in-house, manufacturers can reduce the cost of using bottled or compressed oxygen, while ensuring a steady supply of oxygen for these operations.


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