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Oxygen Generators for Disaster Preparedness

Oxygen Solutions for Disaster Response

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(93 vol.% O2)

Disaster Management

In case of infrastructure breakdown oxygen can no longer be delivered. Under these circumstances an in-house medical oxygen generator is the only reliable source.

Disasters can strike unexpectedly and cause a major disruption to the infrastructure of a region, including the delivery of oxygen to first responders as well as victims in need. This can be particularly challenging when oxygen is a critical resource needed by first responders to sustain human life. Fortunately, in-house oxygen generators that fill the cylinders EMS and emergency officials need offer a reliable solution to the challenges of disaster preparedness and management. Here are some key benefits of using in-house oxygen generators in disaster situations:

  • Independence from infrastructure: An in-house oxygen generator can produce oxygen on demand, eliminating the need for external delivery and ensuring a reliable source of oxygen in emergency situations. (Note: Those filling oxygen cylinders in the United States for direct supply to patients must follow all proper guidelines and registration procedures with the US Food and Drug administration).
  • Rapid response: In disaster situations, time is of the essence. In-house oxygen generators can be quickly mobilized and set up to meet the oxygen demands of affected populations.
  • Flexibility: In-house oxygen generators can be customized to meet specific oxygen production requirements, making them a versatile solution for disaster situations.
  • Cost-effective: The cost of oxygen delivery can be expensive, particularly during disasters when supply chains may be disrupted. In-house oxygen generators can provide a cost-effective alternative to external oxygen delivery.

NOVAIR in-house modular oxygen generators are an excellent choice for disaster preparedness and management. They are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. With NOVAIR generators, such as the MOGScfp, which can even fit in a mobile trailer that can be towed by a 1 ton truck, oxygen can be produced in-house even in remote or challenging locations. NOVAIR generators are also customizable, making them adaptable to a wide range of disaster situations. With an in-house oxygen generator from NOVAIR, disaster response teams can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have a reliable source of medical oxygen to fill first responder bottles and larger cylinders, right when and where it is needed most.


Worldwide leading manufacturer of in-house gas production systems, NOVAIR is the founder of the Green Oxygen concept and the vision that decentralized in-house medical oxygen production with the only low-carbon way to supply oxygen to hospitals. With over 45 years of experience manufacturing high-quality medical and industrial gas generating equipment, and with high-tech R&D centers in France, USA and Italy, NOVAIR definitively leads the world in innovative in-house gas production by adsorption systems.

Headquartered in France, NOVAIR operates in over 150 countries and has installed thousands of gas generators around the planet, supplying daily life-saving medical oxygen to hundreds of thousands of patients the world over. NOVAIR also provides industrial oxygen and nitrogen that enhances the effectiveness of scores of industries through a broad range of applications and market segments.

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