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Maximize Savings! Get a NOVAIR Durable US-made Onsite Oxygen Generator for Biogas Facilities and End Costly O2 Delivery Forever!

Novair oxygen generator OG 750
NOVAIR's oxygen generators are a perfect fit for biogas facilities.

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Oxygen generators like the NOVAIR MOGSCFP line can fill up to 10 large H-size or 160 smaller D-size cylinders of 93% +/-3% oxygen per day.

The MOGSCFP only needs wall electricity and 'air' to produce high quality N2 and O2 onsite, making it easy to SAVE BIG $$ versus delivery.

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How much can you save?

D Cylinders / Day
E Cylinders / Day
M Cylinders / Day
H or K Cylinders / Day
















O2, N2 onsite 24x7x365

End costly and unsafe delivery

ENDLESS production

No risk of reserve depletion

Guaranteed purity
Guaranteed purity

Continuous gas quality analysis

Full safety
Full safety

No transport = no worker’s comp

Proven savings
Proven savings

Large return on investment

No more logistic constraints
No logisticS Problems

Always have O2, N2 in any disaster

Eco-friendly solution
Eco-friendly solution

Zero greenhouse gas emissions

Time saving

Easy to use, little training needed

Ecofriendly Oxygen Generators

Just some of our customers...

“We’ve had the MOGS for about a year and it’s serving us well. It’s saving us money in filling our own bottles instead of going to a vender to have them refilled and brought in. It’s been a plus for us! It’s working out”

Frank Cassanite Captain, Warwick Ambulance - Warwick, NY

“We were tired of having to deal with deliveries of oxygen. Now we’re more sustainable and can produce our own oxygen at any time, especially during natural disasters. It’s super super convenient. We just pull our ambulances in, fill our bottles up, and don’t have to worry about deliveries.”

B. Slagle Paramedic Supervisor, South Lake EMS - Houston, TX
B Slagle

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