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How does an oxygen generator improve aquaculture yields?

How much oxygen do I need for aquaculture?

The amount of oxygen required for aquaculture depends on several factors such as the species of fish, their size, water temperature, and stocking density. Generally, the recommended range is between 5-7 mg/L for most warm-water species and 6-8 mg/L for cold-water species. It is important to regularly monitor oxygen levels and adjust aeration and water exchange as needed to maintain optimal levels.

Reduced waste: In-house nitrogen generation eliminates the need to dispose of nitrogen gas cylinder waste, reducing costs associated with cylinder disposal.

Efficient use: Nitrogen generators provide a consistent and efficient supply of nitrogen, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Lower maintenance: Nitrogen generators typically have lower maintenance costs compared to traditional nitrogen supply methods, reducing overall cost of ownership.

Scalable: Nitrogen generators can be scaled to meet changing production demands, reducing the need to purchase excess nitrogen from suppliers and reducing costs.

How are oxygen levels managed in aquaculture?

Oxygen levels in aquaculture are managed by:

  • Aeration: adding air to the water to increase oxygen levels
  • Water exchange/circulation: replacing low oxygen water with oxygen-rich water
  • Use of oxygen sensors and pumps to maintain optimal levels
  • Limiting fish density and overfeeding to reduce waste and oxygen demand
  • Adding oxygen-producing plants or algae to the system.

Can I get an oxygen generator for my fish farm?

Yes, you can get an oxygen generator for your fish farm. There are various types of oxygen generators available for aquaculture, including PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption), VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorption), and Membrane Oxygen Generators. They are designed to produce and supply oxygen to the water in the aquaculture system, providing a reliable source of oxygen to support the health and growth of the fish. It is important to choose a generator that is appropriate for the size and needs of your fish farm and to regularly maintain and service the equipment to ensure it is operating effectively.

Fish Farming Oxygen solutions at NOVAIR USA
Aquaculture tanks and pools require a consistent oxygen level for the best farming results.

How will an oxygen generator improve aquaculture yields?

An oxygen generator helps in fish farming by producing and supplying oxygen to the water in the aquaculture system, ensuring a sufficient oxygen level for the fish to survive and thrive. This can improve water quality, reduce stress on the fish, and increase growth rates, ultimately leading to improved yields and profitability in the fish farming operation.

An oxygen generator can improve aquaculture yields in several ways:

  • Maintaining optimal oxygen levels: An oxygen generator ensures a consistent and sufficient supply of oxygen to the water, supporting the health and growth of the fish.
  • Reducing stress: Adequate oxygen levels can reduce stress on the fish, leading to improved growth rates and health.
  • Improving water quality: By reducing the organic waste produced by the fish and breaking down harmful substances, adequate oxygen levels can improve water quality and reduce the risk of disease.
  • Increasing growth rates: Fish in an oxygen-rich environment grow faster and more efficiently, leading to improved yields.
  • Reducing mortality: Adequate oxygen levels can reduce fish mortality rates, resulting in higher yields.


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